Where is Santiago Maldonado?A missing-person case looms over Argentina’s midterm elections

A FEW months ago Santiago Maldonado, a 28-year-old craftsman and tattoo artist, moved to Patagonia, motivated by an affinity for the indigenous Mapuche people. On July 31st, according to his brother, he visited a campsite in the province of Chubut, where Mapuches are protesting to demand title to their ancestral land. He intended to participate in a ceremony for Pachamama, an Andean goddess.

But on the morning of August 1st protesters threw stones at a group of military police officers, injuring two of them. In response, 32 officers entered the camp. The police say they did not arrest anyone. But four witnesses have told a judge they saw the officers load Mr Maldonado into a white truck. He has not been seen since.


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