U.S., Iran, Syria and Russia Finally Agree: Iraq’s Victory Over ISIS Praised Around the World
Tom O'Connor,newsweek.com

Countries around the world, including U.S. allies and rivals, have come together in congratulating Iraq for its recent victory over the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in its former stronghold.

Amid sporadic fighting between security forces and remaining pockets of jihadist resistance, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Sunday in Iraq’s second city of Mosul, the largest city by far once controlled by ISIS, to congratulate his armed forces and officially declare the defeat of ISIS, BBC News reported. The nearly nine-month-long campaign to dislodge the ultraconservative Sunni Muslim group from the city has been regarded as one of the largest battles of the 21st century, and its conclusion has been met with worldwide praise. The unlikely grouping of nations that have stepped forward to congratulate Abadi and Iraq’s military highlights the multifaceted nature of the fight against the militants and the complex relationships of the countries involved.


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